Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Woke up at 05.30 and found myself quickly fell into sleep again, this time for a much longer duration. If my door had not been knocked on 08.00 I might have woken up even later. Found some slight soreness as the result of yesterday’s exercise, but no trace of fatigue nor any sleep-related difficulties (as far as I could tell).

One interesting observation to note was the quick dip in alertness when approaching noon. At around 11 I was already ‘sleepy’, as in wanting of some sleep, although I doubt the body needed it this early. Counting from 00.30 I should have gotten around 7.5 hours of sleep. According to general research this was even enough to satisfy monophasic sleepers, so I wonder why sleepiness came this fast. Curiously enough, I brought this topic up to some friends and they remarked similar observations; that in sleeping too much it causes them to quickly become sleepy, the restfulness did not seem to stay long. In the end I busied myself and did not sleep. It was after lunch that I decided to take some rest. It was only meant to be a short nap, so that I can use the free afternoon to do other activities. It turned out to be quite a long sleep, clocking at no less than 3 hours (from 14.00 to 17.00). After waking up I could detect traces of lethargy, though the sleepiness was gone.

At night I felt that energy level consistently drops. Some sneezing and very early symptomps of flu was observed, but then again I have always been prone to display those symptomps without actually getting sick, so this should not be of any concern. Half past twelve now, and am planning to wake at 05.00 for what is hopefully a full 3 cycles of sleep.