Wednesday, 10 September 2014
At 05.10 the alarm went off, and so I wake. I had determined the night before to at least stay awake for some time before falling to sleep again (which I suppose is inevitable at this point). The lack of urgent activities to do may contribute to such an uninspiring record of “rising early”. The idea was that I could have just enough sleep, wake up and do things, then proceed sleeping again to regain the lost time. This has the benefit of giving me a usable time window at around sunrise, which I consider to be one of the best time to be awake. That was the theory, at least. Anyway I did managed to toss and turn for quite a while before setting the alarm for another 90 minutes sleep. This is where it gets interesting. At 07.00 I was fully awake, and I meant the word ‘fully’. It felt like I had had a long uninterrupted night of sleep. I can only suppose that this was so because I did not sleep that deeply during the second session sleep, and thus did not felt groggy upon waking up.

Curiously enough, the feeling of restfulness did not stay long. It is important to note, however, that I did not felt overbearing sleepiness, like one would naturally presume given the suboptimal amount of sleep I have been getting. Instead, I felt… tired; just tired eventhough I have not been doing anything strainful. Maybe this is what it meant by symptoms of sleep deprivation. I am just tired without actually sleepy, though if left alone I am quite sure that sleep would have come readily. The tiredness manifested thoughout the day, and I could already observe what it did at a cognitive and emotional level. At 18.30 I took a 10 minute nap, which did wonders dispelling the heaviness I had been feeling. Still, it did not stay in effect for long.

It is 22.00 now, and weariness constantly keeps me accompanied as I am writing today’s log. Going to sleep soon.