Thursday, 11 September 2014
Sleeping early yesterday certainly did me good, for I was able to be up and functioning at 05.45. I am happy to record that neither sleepiness nor weariness of any kind followed my wakening. Thus I was free to peruse the early morning for my benefits. It strikes me as curious that I have now begun to consider sunrise as the day’s starting point. That is to say, I am inclined to start my day before the sun have risen. This is much better than my previous condition, in which I, when time permits, rise as late as 11.00. Constantly waking at 5 must have altered my sleeping habit, if only a little. Anyway, I used the time to get a bout of exercise and a few laps around the pool. I finished the morning feeling great, if a little sore, and felt ferociously hungry. Since I had not had any breakfast before exercising, I felt the urge to down everthing I could get my hands on to sustain myself until lunch.

After lunch, which ran a little late, I still yet felt rested; the usual afternoon sleepiness did not come to visit me, at least not this afternoon. I suppose the night’s long repose did that, or maybe it was the morning exercise. I hope it was the exercise, else I would be nudged to believe that one long rest is what satisfies me best, which is not the conclusion I am hoping for. Still, for what it’s worth, I can now more or less gauge the quality of sleep I am getting.

Weariness finally came near evening, but at that moment I had drunk a few cups of strong tea, a blend of black and green (so my friend said), that I did not felt it was overbearing. Things pretty much stayed the same until now, one and a half hour to midnight. I am getting somewhere with this experiment, but first I am going to need more than just 4 days before jumping to any conclusion.