Friday, 12 September 2014
Not much to record today. One noteworthy thing happened early in the morning though. I found myself awake without any indication that something had woken me, save for my own conscience. As I gain conciousness I could tell that it was 04.30 in the morning. A quick look at the clock confirmed it. It seems that my body have now become quite accustomed to the schedule, that I now involuntarily snap out of sleep at around 04-05.00. Unfortunately for the progress of this experiment, I had no plans that early in the morning, thus my mind managed to persuade me to go back to sleep. This was not the only instance, for after my alarm went off at 05.30 I quickly eased back to sleep, waking only after the clock had stroke 07.00.

As for the day itself, nothing out of the ordinary. I observed my energy level waxed and waned as per usual ryhthm. I must admit though that I did not pay much attention in the afternoon religious study class; and managed to fell asleep. Late afternoon I drove back home. I downed a mouthful of coffee whilst driving and felt quite awake on the journey home.

Night is passing by without anything to record. Tomorrow is holiday, but I will still continue the schedule and see how early I can properly wake.