Saturday, 13 September 2014
Another one like yesterday, I snapped out of sleep before my alarm went off and slept again. So, after a few times unable to muster enough willpower to get off the bed, I am confident to conclude that I need to have the early morning planned if I were to capitalize on the time. If no plans were set down, I suppose even the alarm could not do much. Speaking of alarm, I think the current noise setting does not cut it anymore. I have no recollection of shutting down or snoozing the alarm this morning (and yesterday as well), so I am led to believe that I had slept through it. That or I unconciously shut it down, which defeats the point of alarm anyway.

Energy level stayed moderately high throughout the day, save for one instance at 15.00 where I felt drowsy and decided to nap. I napped for 10 minutes and upon waking a hint of headache followed. I can only pressume that I had napped a little too much, that my body was already beginning to transition to deeper stages of sleep when I woke. I recall that usually even a wink of sleep could do much to dispel afternoon sleepiness (shamelessly based on trials inside classrooms), so even 10 minutes may be too long. Next time I will cut down the minutes to see what happens. If the findings prove to be consistent, I may be able to nap for an extremely short time and still get most of its benefits. This can well be a valuable knowledge when planning future sleep schedules.

20.30 now, and I have mostly finished the day’s tasks. Will not be up for much longer, I suppose.