Sunday, 14 September 2014
A week into the experiment, I have more or less gleaned a few insights of my sleeps. To summarize the findings thus far:

  • After a few straight days of waking up early, my body now wakes itself up at around that time, regardless of when I started sleeping.
  • My energy level took a dip most prominently at around 13.30-16.00.
  • One sleep cycle is not far off from the generally-accepted 90 minutes. If I sleep at 00.00 I can wake at 04.30 without feeling groggy (but, depending on condition, still tired).
  • I only need to nap for a very short time to dispel sleepiness, anything longer than 10 minutes I risk slipping to deeper sleep.
  • Waking from a deep sleep felt like my head is full of lead and my whole body unresponsive. Cognitive abilities may take a few moment to get warmed up.

These I put down as I know it at the moment. And now for the daily journal. Apparently, I cannot ‘jump out of bed’ as most seem able to do. It took me 15 minutes from the start today’s alarm at 05.30 to properly wake up. Those 15 minutes were spent tossing and turning in bed, to eke out the last few seconds of sleep. So basically, I suppose do not like waking up. Only when there are things to do, or when the benefits of waking up at that instance were clear, can I be persuaded to do so. This somewhat bemused me, for I know a few who leaps out of their bed early in the morning. Can it be that they have somehow fully satisfied their needs for sleep, or that they just have a more disciplined willpower, I do not know.

Paralleling yesterday, energy level stayed consistent throughout the day, only dipping at around 15.00. But then I did not nap, and the feelings of fatigue soon passed. I suppose no more can be written of today, except for my suspicion that the last few days of exercise is serving me well in warding off lethargy, for I felt no trace of it lately. Even when tired I did not sense the control of my faculties slipping away, as they normally do when I am not exercising. Wil go to sleep soon and see how early I can get things going tomorrow.