After a few while, I finally get to write this conclusion. The procrastination may well be caused by I being confused by the myriads of things I observed, and did not observe. To be honest this experiment was only caused by curiosity, without any actual planning. I just made things as I go along, and noted the results.

Anyway I will note what I had observed during those days (in addition to those I have already posted):
* I do not seem to have a very strict biological clock, as I can function pretty much normally whether I sleep at 21.00 or at 01.00, as long I get enough amount of sleep. I do note that the earlier I wake, given the same amount of sleep, the better I perform.
* I may still be tied to monophasic cycle of sleep, with occasional drift to biphasic only if needed. A sleep of around 7 hours and 30 minutes seemed best if I were to have a running start on my day.
* After a few days of waking up earlier that usual, my body seemed to adapt its sleep cycle to have me automatically awake earlier. In the experiment I often wake at 04.30 or 05.30 without any apparent external trigger. This phenomenon goes away if I revert my sleeping schedule (or abandon it altogether).
* Lack of sleep causes me to drift lower in the ultradian cycle, most prominently at around 13.00 to 17.00.
* Regardless of sleep, my energy level is best early in the morning and some time after dusk.

I guess that summarizes the main points quite nicely. One more thing, because of the nature of the experiment, I do not believe that this can be exactly replicated, thus I fear my use of the word ‘experiment’ was misguided. But after everything was said and done, this was a nice opportunity for me to know my body better.