Witty remarks here.


Hi! I’m Ryan, and welcome to the site.

I am a corporate finance undergraduate in Indonesia, as well as an aspiring entrepreneur, martial artist, classical guitarist, an avid reader, and occasional writer. I speak four languages (at the moment), am currently learning to compose music, trying to improve my go game, and sharpen my analytical skills.

I just love learning.

What is this about?

In short: my notes and thoughts on things I am learning.

The longer answer: Not much, really, just a somewhat-organized collection of things I find noteworthy. I like learning, and sharing is one of, if not the, best way to learn. It allows me to focus my thoughts, forces me to make myself comprehensible, and affords me the satisfaction of mutual growth. Experience. Learn. Share. Repeat. True words to live by.

I must admit though, this blog is not focused to just one niche. How can it be? There are so many things to learn, always more things to absorb, that I find it incredulous if I were to limit my topics. Here, some posts are about business, some about languages, yet some discusses music. It’s kaleidoscope of content, a multi-faceted display of my curiosities. By all means feel free to browse. If you can get something useful out of here, I’m already as happy as it gets.

I have received feedback on whether I am too “distracted” in my learning approach, but so far I’ve found that this ‘scattershot’ approach suits me just fine. Maybe there are better methods out there, but currently this works well enough for me.

And, as you will (or might have already) notice, English is not my mother tongue, so do pardon the occasional slip ups here and there.

Some pages you might find interesting:

  • Entrepreneurship & Business – where I post writings related to entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, general economics, and, well, just about anything related to starting and running a business. This is not to say that I’ve had lots of experience with business; on the contrary, I consider myself to be a beginner beyond relief, and writing about these topics is but one way I’m trying to learn.
  • Language Learning – on the ways of learning a language, its processes, concepts, and what I currently do in my own studies.
  • Thoughts & Musings – contemplation (and rants!) on various topics I find  interesting.
  • Non-English – I sometimes write in languages other than English, though it’s usually just for fun and not very organized. Still, for what it’s worth, feel free to browse.


Saya lahir dan besar di Indonesia dan sampai sekarang sih belum ada rencana untuk pidah. Karena semenjak kecil demen banget baca, sekarang jadi punya interest yang lumayan buat nulis. Nulisnya ya nulis apa aja; rencananya adalah tidak ada rencana, harapannya bisa terus nulis.








So here’s to a lifetime of experience and learning.

Ryan Jonathan Budiman