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Musical Works

An amateur in all respect, I picked up my first instrument, a Yamaha C-80, at the age of 15. It was just out of curiosity and, a few years later, I am happy to report that I am still curious. I had no musical background, much less systematic training, but I find enjoyment immersing myself in a variety of music. I am also fortunate enough to meet friends of exceptional skills that are willing to show me the ropes. Below is a repository to place what ‘souvenirs’ I brought (and am still bringing) back from my musical adventures. Also check the music resources page.

My compositions

This is where I try my hands to create and practice what little knowledge I have. The list below is ordered by date, so hopefully I can get to hear myself improving with every piece I write.

“Maju Berbarengan”
A rehash from my creation for high school final project. Based in C major, its progression is very simple, especially the verse.
midi pdf gpx

“Spiral of Thought”
My first attempt at a longer piece. Starts in E minor and modulates quite a few times. I try to veer off the standard scale to keep things interesting. Still gets boring in a few places though.
midi pdf gpx

“Firework Petals”
More of a soundtrack, this piece came to be after finishing an anime series. It loops well, considering its simple and predictable progression. Easy to play, but not that much interesting though.
midi pdf gpx

“Down the Solitary Trail”
One of the quickest piece to finish, totaling less than 3 hours from inception to tabbing. The piece is in A minor and uses what I have learned about scales and their progressions. This is also my first attempt at using tierce de picardie and found that it gives out quite an interesting flavour.
midi pdf gpx

“A Summer Night’s Hoshizora” (夏の日の星空)
Started as I was doing a variation of some other piece, but as I improvised it grew to have a voice of its own. It’s more or less in E minor (and a little of G major), with some occasional diminished mixed in. This is my take on using some of the more ‘unconventional’ chords, as I’m trying to expand my vocabulary and break the habit of relying on simple major chords. I considered exporting the file as a .wav but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. So back to midi again, I suppose. Note on playing: try putting some variations on the repeats, otherwise it’ll just sound the same.
midi pdf

“Rumahku Kantong Ajaib”
Another in C major. This is an arrangement for two guitars, with the second voice backing the first. I don’t really remember why, but I want to dedicate this piece to children: those crazy little bundles of energy who doesn’t know when to stop imagining things. Or maybe it’s just the child inside me yearning for a tune he can innocently enjoy. Note: some of my friends swore that they have heard of this tune before, or at least something very similar to it. I wonder…
midi pdf


美丽的神话 (Beautiful Myth)
from The Myth (2005); Artist: Jackie Chan, Kim Hee-Sun
My first tab, an adaptation of the arrangement I’ve learned, with a little flair added. This is the song that kickstarted me into fingerstyle guitar.
midi pdf gpx

One’s Summer Day
from Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し (2001); Joe Hisaishi 久石譲
Finally, I got to transcribe one whole piece without resorting to tab. This is my first handwritten score; and since I have never learned anything classical, I cannot say for sure how accurate this is, but it works well enough for my own purpose. The piece itself it surprisingly simple for such a grand work. It flowed slowly at first, like droplets of water obeying the laws of gravity, gradually building up its pace until one cannot help but to take notice of it.

A Town with Ocean View 海の見える町
from Kiki’s Delivery Service 魔女の宅急便 (1989); Joe Hisaishi 久石譲
Invoking the crisp image of vintage European cityscape, this beautiful orchestration really deserves a top spot in my list. The arrangement I’ve done here is but a part of a much larger symphony, and cannot do it any justice. Still, for what it’s worth, I believe that this arrangement manages to capture some, if not most, of the warm mood so lucidly portrayed in the movie.
midi pdf gpx