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Computing & Tech

Computing tools and resources

Firefox – my window to the world (almost literally).
Windows Sysinternals – heavy duty tools for heavy duty tasks, when Task Manager just won’t cut it.
CCleaner – my choice when doing light maintenance.
Auslogics Disk Defrag – I prefer this to Windows’ built-in one. This goes without saying… but don’t use it on SSDs.
Bitdefender Antivirus Free – never had a problem with this.
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility – for more control of my laptop’s internals.
Evernote – my curated list of important and not-so-important stuffs.
Notepad++ – I used to use this for building websites, but now it just sees occasional use when I want to draft something quick.
Atom – My new favorite editor for writing websites and other codings.
GIMP – perfect for occasional editing when I want more power than simple cropping.
Inkscape – I don’t do vector editing, but it’s nice to have this installed.
Bandicam – useful when I want to cap framerates from getting too high.
VLC – plays _everything_ I threw to it.
uTorrent – you know what this is.
Vuze – same as above, but sometimes needed for more specific tasks.
Tor – feels like lockpicking, in a positive sense.


Shoutout to the devs!
Battle for Wesnoth – a turn based strategy game. The the backstories and level of details supporting the fantasy theme is really well done.
Xonotic – a fast-paced shooter when I want to frag some time.