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Finance & Economics Resources

Finance being my major, it goes without saying that I am quite exposed to the financial markets. As a trader/investor, I do analyses of companies’ fundamentals and technicals, using whatever relevant skills I’ve learnt.

Financial tools and resources

ChartNexus – charting software for my technical analysis needs. My needs are basic; it’s free and displays candlestick without unneeded bell and whistles.
Laporan emiten IDX – database resmi IDX berisi laporan kuartalan dan tahunan semua emiten.
KSEI Corporate Action – pengumuman corporate action termasuk dividen tunai/saham, M&A, splits, dll.
Ft.com – for a quick overview of the current situation, plus also for an overview of companies’ fundamentals.
CNBC Commodities – latest prices of the most common commodities.
Damodaran Online – serious resources for a strong theoretical foundation. Also a treasure trove of financial data and researches.
Statista – feels like work half done.
Ministock – the Android widget I’m using to monitor stock prices.
R – compulsory for my finance major, this statistical computing software is usually used to make regression analysis (forecasting growth and such).
Financial Calculators by Bishinews – makes Black-Scholes faster than dialling a phone number.