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Language & Reading Resources

I’m currently learning Japanese, as well as strengthening my Chinese (I’ve been considering 新HSK 5 for quite some time now). Here is good outline that mirrors my own approach. Below are what I usually use.


Pleco – I can almost swear by this, this is my lifeline when I was interning at a Chinese newspaper firm.
Imi – my current jp-en dictionary.
Anki – the SRS app I’m using. Not planning to switch anytime soon.
Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese – this plus a daily dose of anime & J-dorama really helps in the quest for fluency.
AJAAT – the foundation of my language learning approach.
CBox央视影音 – stream CCTV live.
TuneIn Radio – feels like a local when using this.
Manga Rock – all my manga needs.
Perapera Chinese – saved me quite a few times now.
Rikaichan – useful when going to uncharted and unfamiliar websites in Japanese.
Kitsunekko.net – jp subs for anime. Japanese audio + Japanese text really does wonders to one’s comprehension (only if it didn’t already break your fighting spirit, that is).
Google Images – you would think that Google Translate is _the_ dictionary app, yeah? Well, apparently Images is a much better pick for vocabulary assimilation.
Google Play Books – my on-the-go library. Works exceptionally well with my tablet. Still can’t replace the feel of flipping a real book though.
Spreeder.com – the place I go to when I want to improve my reading speed.