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Music tools and resources

My guitars – for anything & everything musical.
MuseScore – haven’t used it much, but useful when I want to write in standard notation.
Audacity – usually used when I’m converting various different audio types and/or ripping the sounds from videos.
Songsterr – good for getting up to speed when trying to transcribe something.
MusicBee – to somewhat bring order to my messy music collection.
Dave Conservatoire – for learning the musical theories I’m sorely lacking.

Below is a list of musicians and composers whose works never cease to motivate me to keep continuing my musical journey.

Joe Hisaishi (2011)
JOE HISAISHI (久石譲) 6 December 1950 –
I really enjoy Studio Ghibli’s movies. They are magical, magnificent, and irresistably charming. Joe Hisaishi is the man responsible for giving those works the ehtereal, dreamlike qualities the studio’s famous for. His pieces are unique, and have been said to possess “a stylistically distinct sound”. To properly appreciate the subtleties of his works is still beyond me (it’s something I’m still working on), but I find that his simplest passages are usually the strongest and most resonating part of the piece.
Favourite pieces:
– Castle in the Sky (or 君をのせて) (from “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”)
– One Summer’s Day (from “Spirited Away”)
– A Town with Ocean View (海の見える町) (from “Kiki’s Delivery Service)
– Kaze no Torimichi (from “My Neighbor Totoro”)
– Water Traveller
– Princess Mononoke / Ashitaka Sekki (from “Princess Mononoke”)

Howard Shore
HOWARD SHORE 18 October 1946 –
The man behind the majestic soundtracks of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s not an exaggeration to say that without him LOTR would not be half as breathtaking as it is now. My knowledge of his works is limited to those pieces he composed for LOTR, but that’s still a lot of tracks to listen to!
Favourite pieces:
– Breaking of the Fellowship (from “The Fellowship of the Ring”)
– Evenstar (from “The Two Towers”)
– Forth Eorlingas (from “The Two Towers”)

Jubing Kristianto
JUBING KRISTIANTO Semarang, 9 April 1966 –
Indonesia’s own fingerstyle guitarist. Jubing’s tracks are the ones I go to when I want to hear how to make a guitar sounds alive. Grab a few of his albums and have a listen. Most are arrangements of local folksongs, and I like the twists he puts into them. He often hold performances in my city, which sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to attend (yet).
Favourite pieces:
– Once Upon a Rainy Day
– Lullaby
– Morning Rain
– Song for Renny